What Makes City CV Exceptional


  • Market Experts: The best in the industry.  Specialist CV writers, coaches and career professionals with backgrounds in business leadership, HR and recruitment.
  • Insider Know-how: Our clients succeed through a unique mix of exceptional writing and coaching talent, fused with in-depth understanding of how UK and international employers make hiring decisions.
  • Made to Measure: Interview coaching and CV writing tailored to each individual or institution. Strategic content and delivery has generated unprecedented success for clients, from graduate to CEO.
  • Get Results: Writing CVs is a specialist skill and one we are extremely passionate about. City CV writers are handpicked and rigorously trained in how to best present clients to beat their competition.
  • Quality Guaranteed: Every CV is subject to a strict quality process to meet our exacting standards. This is personally overseen by our MD, Victoria McLean, former On-site Recruiter and Manager at Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch, and ex-Head Hunter, together with our in-house Professor of English.
  • Prize Winning: City CV was awarded first place in the international TORIs, the ‘Oscars’ of the CV writing world. As driven by excellence as you are, with City CV, expect nothing less than the best.

Advice from the Experts

How to Spot a CV Writing Cowboy

With so much free advice available from a multitude of […]

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LinkedIn has transformed job hunting in the UK

The professional network LinkedIn officially now has more than 15 million members based in the United Kingdom, having successfully doubled its user base in just eighteen months (it had just 10 million users in September 2012).

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Understanding the thinking behind investment banking interview questions

Investment banks are notorious for asking candidates seemingly off-the-wall questions during the interview process, but there is always sound reasoning behind their enquiries, even if they sound daft on the surface...

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Top tips for making connections on LinkedIn

“I meet and exchange business cards with dozens of people at various conferences,” says journalist Andrea Smith. “If, like me, it sometimes takes you a little time before you get around to making that online connection, it’s possible I no longer have any idea who you are or how I met you.”

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